Thursday, February 4, 2010

Awesome virtual keyboard


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A review on Avatar


The movie that has broken all the records of history
Avatar is doing a great business,the movie deserves alot of business,effect of 3d animation is great on people.The logic of director has done its job and movie has casted a spell on the people.I have never seen such a mind blowing animation ever.
Seeing this the other directors have decided to make their movies in animated form,may one day somebody will see Mission Impossible's new version in 3d animation or it may a time come when 90 percent movies will be in 3d form.
I say its great job of the director,Avatar is infect a fantabulous movie.


Microsoft confirms Windows Mobile 7 at MWC 2010

Microsoft is going to bring mobile Windows 7 into market,its really a brilliant attempt,I think that this will give Microsoft a new power.
Windows Mobile 7 is expected to bring the largest revamp since Windows Mobile 5 was released nearly five years ago. Details of the build are tightly wrapped, but there's talk of integrating Zune, Xbox Live, Facebook, Twitter, and Mediaroom IPTV elements, as well as native multitouch.

Some believe Windows Mobile 7 devices will have to feature a minimum 600MHz ARM v6+ processor, 128MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 3G, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Others say it enforces a 1GHz CPU and 800x480 touchscreen..
Lets see what happens after the  legal disclose of mobile Windows 7


Nintendo Dsi


The DSi supports external storage, which enhances its multimedia capabilities over previous models; pictures, downloaded software and AAC audio may be saved to SD cards. The built-in "Nintendo DSi Sound" audio player allows for voice recording and music playback. Supported file formats include AAC, .mp4, .m4a, and .3GP; MP3 files are not supported. While audio is playing, users may adjust pitch and playback, and add filters. Sound files may be listened to even when the DSi is shut. Users may save and modify up to eighteen ten-second sound clips from voice recordings (recorded via the internal microphone), and then apply them to songs. The console also features the "Nintendo DSi Camera" software, which gives users ten tools (called "lenses") for modifying images. The software can be used on pictures and live video taken with the DSi camera, and on pictures imported from a SD card. Photographs taken with the DSi can be sent to the Wii's Photo Channel, and, for DSi consoles with the 1.4 firmware update or greater, to the social networking website Facebook.
The Nintendo DSi console can connect to the Internet through its built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, or through a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector; both methods give users access to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.  Internet browsing, photo sharing and Nintendo DS cartridge software, however, are region-free. The DSi supports WEP, WPA (AES/TKIP) and WPA2 (AES/TKIP) wireless encryption; the latter two may only be used by DS games where they are built-in, as the DS and DS Lite did not support these encryption types.service.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apple Ipad

Apple finally unveiled its tablet computer

Apple has done a fantabulous job,ipad is mindblowing!!!!!!!

The iPad is, as predicted, essentially a giant iPod Touch: aluminum-backed, half-inch thin, with a 10-inch screen surrounded by a shiny black border. At the bottom, there's the standard iPod/iPhone connector and a single Home button. It will be available in models ranging from $499 (16 gigs of memory, Wi-Fi) to $830 (64 gigs of memory, Wi-Fi and 3G cellular).
The cellular signal will be provided by AT&T for $15 a month (250 megabytes of data transferred -- think e-mail only) or $30 a month, unlimited. Amazingly, those AT&T deals involve no contract. You can cancel whenever you like. And since this thing isn't a phone, you don't have to worry about dropped calls; you're paying exclusively for Internet service.
There's no reason you couldn't use it to make calls using Skype, of course -- Apple says that virtually all of the existing 140,000 iPhone apps run fine on the iPad. (You can run them either at regular tiny size, or blown up double with some loss of clarity.)
Now, though, it looks like Apple really has created something new. Criticisms of "Like a laptop" and "a big iPod Touch" don't really do justice to the possibilities.
The iPad as an e-book reader is a no-brainer. It's just infinitely better-looking and more responsive than the Kindle, not to mention it has color and doesn't require external illumination. (Book fans should note, however, that the iPad e-bookstore won't offer bestsellers at $10 each, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble do. And although Apple says the iPad has a 10-hour battery life, it hasn't yet said "doing what." Playing video eats up battery a lot faster than reading e-books.)
Web browsing, painting programs, TV and movies, newspapers and magazines all seem like naturals on this 1.5-pound machine, too.
Overall, the iPad seems like a dream screen for reading and watching--at some loss of convenience in creating. True, there's an on-screen keyboard, big enough to type on with both hands in the usual way. And Apple will offer a specialized multitouch word processor, spreadsheet and presentation app for $10 each. But I'm guessing that, with no mouse and no physical keys to feel, writing and editing will be more effort than on a laptop. (Apple will also sell an external keyboard that holds the iPad upright as you type. Then again, if you need to carry all that around, maybe a laptop would make more sense.)
Apple hasn't given the thing to any reviewers yet, there are no iPad-only apps yet (there will be), the e-bookstore hasn't gone online yet, and so on.

Like the iPhone, the iPad is really a vessel, a tool, a 1.5-pound sack of potential. It may become many things. It may change an industry or two, or it may not. It may introduce a new category -- something between phone and laptop -- or it may not.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nokia n97 is really awesome

Nokia N97,A Mobile Computer

Nokia nN97 can be called a mobile computer,wide touch screen with a qwetry keyboard.It has 3.5 inch touch screen display that offers digital real estate never seen on any cell phone before. The resolution is 640 by 360 pixels which shows off 16.7 million colors.This makes web browsing with its built-in, unrestricted web browser. It also offers integrated social networking utilities so that the user can update their MySpace and Facebook information right from the main page.

The internal memory is 32GB. In addition to the internal space, expandable memory card slots can hold data cards of up to 16GB in size, so the total memory can be 48GB to store music, photos, or videos.
It has a great battery backup time which is up to 5.3 hours of 3G talk time and 6.6 hours of GSM talk time.
A very sophisticated camera, 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels.

I say its really a superb mobile phone.


Variables in php

Using variables in php

In php there is not any need of declaring a variable before adding value to it.
Variables in php start with a dollar sign "$" and there are some rules for naming a variable.
Naming rules are
1.A variable name cannot have space
2.Alphanumerics and underscroes are used in a variable's name

Suppose we want to store "info" in a variable which is "$i" then the coding will be



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